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Kerri-Ann Appleton

Welcome to Up Level Your Life community

Overcome the inner resistance that keeps you from your greatness

About Me

My passion to do this work comes from my own journey and the many break throughs I have had.

I am an EmPowerment Practitioner and Facilitator.  I blend western and eastern philosophies into my work.   Using a mix of neuroscience, meditation, Reiki and conscious living practices to provide high level shifts that we all deserve to have.  My drive comes from wanting to create a world where more humans are living fully in their purpose.  Empowering them to feel more accepted, confident and radiant in their lives. Where living happier and healthier lives is a reality not just a desire.                 

This process of transformation is not an easy one but a necessary one.  No one path of transformation is the same AND they all have a similar essence about them.  I only work with those that are ready, willing and able to make the necessary changes to go through this transformation. Those who are willing to look at themselves and see all their stuff.  This is an investment and not just with your finances but with your time and energy.                

Why we exist?

One of the reasons why I started this community was to have a place for you to come to do the work. When I say “the work” I mean the work to heal, to personally grow and evolve into a greater version of you…for you to have the life you desire. 

This work, often times, is not easy. And sometimes you feel alone doing this work. As I have been doing the work, there were moments where I felt alone, not sure and not supported. I felt like I had no one to talk to about it because most of the people around me we’re not doing the work.  They did not understand what 'the work' meant.  

This was challenging not to be able to feel supported, share my celebrations and have a community to connect with around this work. This is why I wanted to create a space for people to feel supported, feel they belong and together create a community as they do the work on themselves.

What are we?

This is a safe space for real and raw conversations that are focused around personal growth, and evolving into a greater version of you. It’s a place to connect with others from around the world who are doing 'the work' to create something different for their lives. It’s a place to feel seen, heard, and supported by fellow members of the community. It’s a place to share your tips, questions, and insights openly on the related topics.

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